WRITING: Editing

Been stuck in editing mode all day today; not just mine own, but all the submitted work for the next issue of otto which is due out the first week of April to tie in with the Tunxis Community College Writers Festival.  But this is the fun part; I like layout work on a magazine because it’s like a puzzle that you makes you search for the pieces and then work them all together into a whole new image. 

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in putting such a project together to present a material form from thoughts, feelings, ideas born of separate creative energy.  The complete yet unseeable thought that came as story to a writer’s mind and given shape in blips on a hard drive and transferred onto pages of a book bound together with other stories and images is an amazing corralling of talent.  Despite what Socrates says about the lesser value of written word, I find the process satisfying; like collecting butterflies in a net, and then setting them free.

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