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While my ultimate goal is to write a story in Macromedia Flash or Storyspace, you’ve read here that I have been working on a project called, "Pseudohyperfiction" which incorporates the idea of hypertext links that the web allows (as well as the availability in CD or DVD format).  Well, I scrapped the original story group temporarily because I couldn’t see where they were going and instead dug up some starters and added a couple of new ones to come up with four interrelated stories to play with. 

It’s not my best work, and unfortunately I had to commit the ultimate sin of submitting something that was not fully polished, but as editor, I had a deadline, and as writer, I was forced to accept that deadline.  Luckily, until we have a more discriminating staff working at otto than just me, I accepted it for inclusion in the Spring/Summer 2006 issue.  But this decision was not based on graft or connections, nor even lack of material; it was honestly based upon the desire to fulfill a commitment I had made to make otto the first to present story in this format.  Besides, nobody else would likely print it.

So If you’re curious at all as to what writing I’ve been up to lately, you’re welcome to check this project out at Pseudohyperfiction:  The Paths.  In time, I hope to present this or a better story in true hyperfiction form.  An outstanding example of this form can be seen at Stoning Field, a story written by Steve Ersinghaus.

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2 Responses to WRITING: Hypertext

  1. steve says:

    It strikes me as I went to the pseudohyper weblog that each path could sit on a different category and that you could use the cats to control links to and from the stories.

  2. susan says:

    Weblogs just don’t seem to be a proper medium for this type of thing–as shown in a previous experiment for New Media class. Flash and Storyspace are on this year’s list of learn-to-do’s.

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