NEW MEDIA &WRITING: Seasonal Cues/Symbols

No doubt my interest in writing in a multimedia platform has made me more aware of audio and visual effects.  (I’ve just added a new category of Hyperfiction.)

The senses open themselves up to overlap each other to confirm experiences, as well as become fine-tuned in learning and accumulating a knowledge base on their own.

What tells me, at five a.m. that it is Springtime?  With the visual negated, although the earlier rising of the sun–yeah, I know it’s not earlier, or earlier than what, according to Socrates–will be a guidepost, and disregarding the tactile sense of warmth (the night lies to us this time of year), I turn to sound; birds are chirping at five a.m. This doesn’t occur in winter. Also by now, the sense of smell can detect the warmed soil, the scent of young green things pushing their way into the air.

While hyperfiction will allow the sounds to come through beyond text, we still need to depend upon language skills to reveal what our minds, through our noses, tell us.

So far.

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