REALITY?: Trump Teaches

It is no secret that for the past few years I have focused a good part of my time and my mind on the learning of dying, and of course, the learning of living in that the two are inseparable.  While The Apprentice is not one of my favorite shows, and I’d never consider working for Trump (though I’d consider marrying him for the money), it is a reality show that gives somewhat of a glimpse into human nature.  Besides, nothing else was on.

But I learned something in tonight’s show.  The losing team, led by Bryce, was 25 minutes late to an appointment (a big no-no), did not apologize for it immediately, and while their presentation of a jingle was okay, it missed one of the main points that the client had specified.  Charmaine wrote the lyrics (and also made the appointment) and Tarick wrote the music.  They worked very hard.  Lenny made no contribution, and Lee was absent for a religious holiday.  Bryce brought Lenny and Lee in for the "firing."  He defended Charmaine and Tarick because they worked the hardest, and he felt that he would take responsibility for overlooking their faults.  Trump fired him for not bringing in Charmaine and Tarick because ultimately, they worked on the project that lost.  Lenny and Lee, having nothing to do with it, should not be held responsible then for its failure.

I probably would have done what Bryce did, although I would not have brought Lee in, except perhaps as strategy.  It’s not good business sense, and it’s not logical, I can see that.  But it’s what I likely would have done to protect two hard workers.  That’s also likely why I am not a success in life.  If you jump in front of the bus, the bus always wins.

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