REALITY?: Changing and Staying the Same

Tonight is the Tunxis CC graduation.  My congratulations to them all along with best wishes to move along with all the tools they’ve been given to build something greater for themselves than they had with them before they entered.

One year ago I graduated there. Still is still movin’ to me, sings Willie.  Only I don’t trust even him right now. Still is still, and I’m just going nowhere different except in my mind and then it’s into walls or rooms that look the same one to another.  Ninety percent is my fault, but it easily falls in league with the ten percent that’s not.  Digging ruts is what I guess I do.

But what I leave behind is changed before I’ve gone a year or two: All three schools were rebuilt shortly after graduating; ex boyfriends buy brand new cars; companies have gone under, been sold or burned.

Maybe I have more effect than I believe.

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