REALITY?: Further Frustration

All of Them:  You take two-thirds of the expenses off the price of the house.

Me:  No, you take the total expenses off.

All of Them:  No, because then the two of you are paying her share.  Listen, we’ve handled hundreds of these things…

Me (thinking, Well, I’d start making some phone calls if I were you):  No, look here, see, you have to…

I may not be the most honest person in the world, but I do try to always be fair.  And though I’m not real happy with what my sister has done, I would not allow her to be unfairly paying double her share as she’d already paid all the expenses of the estate.  It is a confusing situation and I myself was not totally sure so I worked it out several ways and still checked with two genius friends and a CPA to confirm the figures. 

Sometimes you just give in, walk away with either a glib answer or retire and give it up because you know they’ll never really understand.  But this I cannot easily walk away from because other people are involved and it is important.  I am so very tired.

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