WRITING: Deadline

Bad poetry aside (I never bother longer than a day to rewrite poetry since it is only a release in which I think I’m cleverly hiding feelings beneath metaphor and thus eliminating some at least of the woe-is-me posts), I am facing that annual deadline once again of being cut off during the summer close of submisions.  This 2006 deadline represents the mother of them all.  The end of energy and passion put to a hopelessly unrealistic goal.

So I must polish up the couple stories that I have and send them off before month’s end I think, and for the last time wait upon the verdict.  I may still write short stories for my own amusement and just to get them out of the English Muffin nooks and crannies of my brain, and may work towards a novel or maybe just play around with Flash–but that will be it; passion having dwindled down while more urgent needs loom large as they say, on the horizon.  One of those needs is to learn how to function on Earth.  I had a great story working in my mind this morning, "Discovered–The Lost Dialogues of Plato" in which I’d proven life exists in other space beyond our own.  Important just to me, I suppose, since once again I have that feeling that absorbed my teens and early twenties that I just wasn’t from around these here parts.

For me, self-publishing is not an option.  I’ve done it many times already as editor of three magazines that needed fillers.  And with the many weblogs where I write, there is no longer any boost to ego seeing my own words lit up in pixels 1680 x 1050 on a screen.  Glad to have rediscovered reading, my time is well spent in that alone.

So maybe I will be posting lightly here and maybe not.  Most likely not since someone seems to have gotten their quarter stuck in my prolific slot.  2006 is a year of many changes that include discoveries I need make room for; necessitating I suppose the leaving behind of relationships and workloads that shall never indeed produce a single fruit of sweet and satisfying taste.

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  1. Loretta says:

    Never ignore the prolific genie. Bottle it up and take long, deep sniffs!

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