WRITING & EDUCATION: Incompatible Perhaps?

I’d thought I’d walked away from this, freed myself of caring enough to fight, bowed out gracefully and after a suitable grieving process and rehabilitative thinking and some self-pitying wound-licking, put it all behind me.  I really need a sharper blade to cut the ties that bind.

It’s not a dead issue within me, as evidenced by this recent post, but close to home I had to give it up.  Then this headline in my local weekly news:  "Arts and media programs at Tunxis put students on path to exciting careers; summer registration now under way."  (Tri-Town Post, May 19, 2006)

(Please note that "under way" is incorrectly, I believe, separated into two words, which is the correct spelling for its use as an adverb whereas the adjective form, as in this case, should be one word.

They’re right–arts and media is where it’s at and why I’m late to dinner but holding out for leftovers anyway.  But within the brief article they mention graphics studio, digital and conventional photography, including black and white darkroom developing and print, technologies used in print, web and multimedia environments, advanced image creation, manipulation of software tools, special effects, graphic illustration techniques and advanced typographic functions in computer graphics. 

To be fair, they start out with "From graphics and photography, to journalism and marketing, arts and media courses…"

Journalism at least, I should hope, may include some instruction in writing.  But hey, let’s just be satisfied that maybe the pretty pictures will overwhelm the text or audio rendition.

To me the purpose of argument is to arrive at either one outcome or the other:  Convince the other person of your conviction, or be (often happily) proven wrong.  I have to leave before I’ll ever know.

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