REALITY?: June Agenda

Happy June.

That said, let’s move on to the nitty gritty business end of what the month means. 

Gardening:  All million petunias have been set into soil somewhere or another.  If they don’t like it there, they can die if they’d like.  If I find ’em, I’ll water ’em.  The tomatoes and the peppers are in and probably suffering heatstroke because I didn’t put them in last night but early this morning instead.  Tough.  I’m trying to beat the damn four-inches of rain they’re predicting, and you try to hand-weed and hoe a big garden in under four days.  I’m arguing with myself about whether I should close down the shop and stick the rows of seeds in today because it’ll beat the rain, but then if the rain comes in a downpour, they’ll be either washed away into the surrounding lawn or be too weak to sprout in the mud.  On the other hand, the sooner the better–I’m late already with gardening.  My conflicting arguments give me some idea why nobody is speaking to me anymore–my own lawyer included it seems.  But that’s an old story that doesn’t look like it’ll ever be settled unless I break into the judge’s chambers, sit down, and tell him the horrors of war I’ve encountered with the legal system in the past two years.

Reading:  Almost done with The Heart is a Lonely Hunter–love it.  About to maybe pick up McCarthy again.  Working through Ethics (boy, I’d love to give this book out as Christmas presents!).  Starting Hypertext 3.0 and Patchwork Girl, along with playing with Flash 8.

Writing:  None.  Ditto rewriting, submitting, creating, blah, blah, blah.

Academics:  None.  ‘Cept self-teaching for now.

Computer Work: Fix Spinning now that I messed it up with the books listing.  Need to get back into the control panel of Typepad on this and change fonts etc.  Maybe make a new logo again and change colors.  Complete the networking system of the computers and maybe get a new digital camera.  And, and maybe….etc.

Employment:  Prospects bleak.  ‘Cept self-employment, and ditzing around the house.  Neither pay well.

Vacation:  None.

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