First, on Facade:  Just another little experiment with the program, that of minimalizing interactivity–totally against the purpose of the piece.  Responded to questions from Grace or Trip, but with basic yes or no answers.  At the first sign of the arguments between them, I said I would be leaving.  Heading towards the door, they carried on their conversation, and I found myself unable to actually open their apartment door and leave for a while.  Did manage to get out and into the hall, but again, found it difficult to enter the elevator, thus escaping the scene.  At first, Trip and Grace tried to convince me I was responsible and should help them out, but then my determination overwhelmed their resolve and they suggested I leave.  Interesting, Trip actually followed me out to the hall before going back into his apartment and closing the door.

On Storytron, I find I need to read some more of the bulletin board postings so that some of my questions may be answered as they arise.  For example, last night I tried to put in a new actor, according to my own storyline, and when I went to "save" that scene, found that the program could not be called up again and had to reinstall it.  I am interested in how the system will work in accumulating information, and find no information in the tutorials as yet about this factor.

Playing and learning; learning and playing some more.

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