REALITY & WRITING & NEW MEDIA: The Weirdness Grows

I realize that with job applications out I should be more intellectual–if not just plain cautious–in my postings, but you know, you just can’t stop the flow sometimes.  Note to potential employers:  Please go directly to the Literature Category without reading another word.

This morning I’ve decided what would cause me to stop wondering and without further question, renounce belief in a God or God-like force and all allied credos.  It would take a successfully created living thing–even a lowly dandelion–using not a shred of life from which to create it.  In other words, while hearts may beat in bodies other than their natural birthing place, and cloned sheep can baa and reproduce just like their host parent, these are mere variations–though truly amazing accomplishments.  Who, after all, would have thought of Dr.Frankenstein as Dr. Barnard or Jarvik and applaud?

And there is more to this line of thought.  Things that once could not be seen are out there:  galaxies, worlds, live telecasts from Zambia or the moon.  What else do we not know about that nevertheless exists?

And why then, this need to tie myself to only what is known?  At least in writing.  And especially when the wondering is there.  There is no history of mental disturbance in my family, although my mother’s struggle with Alzheimers was as fascinating as it was heartbreaking; to consider the mind’s perception of time as learned rather than given the free association in non-linearity that it had in such an illness. And, I might add, may in fact be its more proper form if lifted from its scientific boundaries.

I see my venture into new media as more than an expansion of creative input and output.  I see it as discovery beyond its own borders.  And mine.

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