LITERATURE: Next Up? McCarthy?

Have been hearing reviews of the newest Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and I’m sorely tempted to order it even though I have No Country and the Border Trilogy on the hearth (and maybe a couple more).

Though my writing enthusiasm is rapidly fading from sheer frustration, I’m still wound up on reading but there’s just so damn much to read and such diversity of fare.  I still need to get into those philosophy and historical classics, and I need to also plow back into the interactive fiction (once I get out of the padded room with no door in Book and Volume) as well as the four or five video stories such as Still Life and Silent Hill and Watchmaker.  And, of course, the learning of software that I just don’t have the mind for right now.

But McCarthy beckons, sending the Judge dancing around in my brain once more to tempt me back into the depths.

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