WRITING: Feedback

Just threw a short story, Gazpacho, up at the Crapometer because there’s a point, just as with middle age, where the vision is not clear close up.  The timing was right: they were looking for submissions, and frankly, I was looking for help.

I’ve hesitated before to go through some critique groups as often the majority are geared towards fantasy or crime or romance novels, but sometimes you get a member of the crew who is more comfortable with reading a diversity of style and genre.  And I’m in a hurry here, wanting to get some of these stories out while the interest still lingers within me.  I’ll likely just set for a while after that.

Got some good information back, and am learning where the story is successful and where it falters.  And, its not always in what the commenter means to say, but what he doesn’t realize he’s said that tells me much.

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