WRITING & REALITY?: A Flash of Readerly

Morning learning assistance from backyard contemplation. 

I sat down on the backstep and lifted the coffee mug to take a sip, and only then noticed the doe standing still, watching me.  She turned and took two steps, stopped and took two more back.  She never took her eyes off me, and I, the same.  I didn’t move and yet,  In a moment more, she decided and hurried off.  She had made me.

To "make" someone out in a crowd.  The doe had "made" me, her experience telling her where I fit–or didn’t–into her world.  The image created from that becoming real and definable, and solely possessed by the one who defines it.  She (seer/reader) had in fact created me.  I did not exist in that world until I was.  A thought on space and time:  A moment prior or/and fifteen minutes later, I did not exist in that space again.

This is the simplest explanation of readerly that I’ve yet come across.

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2 Responses to WRITING & REALITY?: A Flash of Readerly

  1. Creechman says:

    F. Scott Fitzgerald was very good at that same kind of thing.

  2. susan says:

    He’s on my list. Eventually I’ll get to him!

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