For the fourth time in the past two hours, I’ve just hung up on a "small business service" that provides a "free listing" that for some reason needs to go through supervisorary channels though I’ve been assured several times that it won’t cost me a penny (or more!) but somehow the phrase "$39.95 if you decide to continue" came out after insistence on my part and exaggerated patience on theirs.  There’s another thing they wouldn’t admit to:  where they were calling from. But one caller did confirm that it was outside of the United States.

I refuse to do business with any company–even if it’s hooked out as free–that’s not located within the borders of my own country unless it’s something that can’t be provided here.  I can easily deal with the foreign accents and figure out what they’re selling, but unless they’re plopped into a seat on my own native soil, they’re not getting my attention, much less my business.

My husband’s paychecks are printed in the Bahamas.  This from a government-supplying corporation.  And to all those do-gooder liberals who think we have to take care of the world, and who have never had the emotional stress of wondering if the house would be lost during a stretch of joblessness, do whatever the …. you want.  But for me, I’m supporting those here who are in great need of work but are at the mercy of corporate liberals who feel the need to spread money outside the country, and oh, by the way, keep from filtering it into the American tax system as well.

So unless your ass is in the good old U.S.A., don’t try to sell me on anything that could provide jobs here but doesn’t.

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