PEOPLE: Andre Rieu Concert – What Joy!

Watching on PBS:  I’ve never seen anything like it; it looks like a highbrow rock concert.  This famous violinist is playing a concert back in his homeland of the Netherlands, and he begins by leading in his musicians in a march through the audience, waving and smiling to the music.  And, they don’t stop smiling as they play on stage.  The music is upbeat and soul-lifting, the strings resonating deep inside and it makes you feel like you’re flying.

It is wondrous, the musicians are actually singing along and laughing as they play their instruments.  The singers are nodding and grinning to each other.  Rieu is smiling and dancing as he plays.  The audience is up and dancing.  There’s not a serious face in the house. 

If there is any concert I’d want to be at, this is the one.

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