REALITY?: On Knitting

100106rGuess I don’t make the best old lady either; it’s taking me forever to decide on a sweater pattern.

I’ve gone through all my old books, but nothing is exactly right for the yarn I have, which is medium weight, sort of tannish-camel color, with some variegated skeins to throw in.  The basic sweater I wanted to replace is an old navy, oversized plain cardigan made of cotton yarn that I use constantly all winter and am not worried about wearing it in the shop.  Then I found the exact sweater (or close enough) I’d like at Land’s End but feel guilty because it’s rather expensive for a knock-around.  But then again, the yarn I have was free, but the purpose of it now has changed.  Maybe I’ll make a fancier pattern (cable twists, etc.) but I still want to take into account the variegated skeins.

Hey, it’s not so easy letting my mind slouch away from higher aspirations.

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