REALITY?: Reprieve

Well, I’m glad I walked into the house before five p.m. and saw that the cardiologist’s office had called.  Took a deep breath and called them back and got the good news that x-rays, ultrasound, and EKG’s showed nothing obvious wrong.  I was facing a possible aortal aneurysm and luckily, this isn’t the case.  No blocked arteries and no evident tumors.  High cholesterol will be fixed by prescription.  Still have to go through a stress test next week, and boy do I wish they had a way to measure the real stress that I think is what’s causing symptoms that made me go see a doctor in the first place.

Frankly, I was a tad worried, and I’m by no stretch a hypochondriac.  I haven’t been to my gynecologist in four years.  I don’t have and haven’t seen a regular doctor since I was a kid.  Any operations were ordered by my gynecologist, whom I force to look at other parts of my body than his specialized interest, and he’ll send me elsewhere if necessary. 

Don’t know what’s causing the pressure and minor chest pain, but I strongly suspect it’s the stress  I’ve been under and will have to see what the doctor can do to help me with that.

Since the lawyers can’t.

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