CURRENT AFFAIRS: I Hung Up on Laura Bush!

Don’t know why she called me, but I’m sure it wasn’t an invitation to dinner tomorrow night.  I’ve also slammed the phone down on Chris Murphy and Ned Lamont at least fifty times.

Why oh why can’t old technology learn something good from the new?  Like Message Blocking for instance.  The "Do Not Call" list isn’t for politicians (and I believe it SHOULD be), but it should be a fairly simple matter to block repeat callers such as survey takers and especially recorded shotgun message callers from the annoyance of these calls. One day I walked into the house and found sixteen messages on Caller I.D. that I knew were from campaigning jerkasses.

I can’t wait until eight p.m., Tuesday, November 7th. 

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  1. susan says:

    No, Mark. As I mentioned in my e-mail, I work on a short piece for a long time; not a long piece for a short time. Quality vs quantity, I hope.

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