LITERATURE & NEW MEDIA: – A Clockwork Orange – Having Fun

Somewhere between the last few pages of the novel and the desire to see the movie I was struck with the brilliant idea of putting together a presentation of sorts for our writers group to illustrate the changes story can take under the influence of different mediums. 

So I got me a mic, and I’m fiddling in Word to record portions of scenes that correlate to the movie where this impact is particularly vivid.  I’ve typed up a passage in Word, added a recording of my reading of the passage, and recorded it over and over again, trying to lose the munchkinesque quality of my voice tone on any recording medium, but it’s not working well.

Imagine, if you can, a Munchkin straight out of Oz, high on funny flowers reading Alex’s bliss as he masturbates and listens to a violin concerto with the Macon, Georgia Philharmonic as background.

Maybe this wasn’t such a hot idea.

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