NEW MEDIA: Microphoning

So I get online and Google "Wizard of Oz lyrics."  Copy a few down.  Then proceed to sing "The Wicked Witch is Dead"  and "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" into my computer and listen.

Yep.  I’m a Munchkin.

Then I try recording again one of my poems about reincarnation.  It’s laughable.  I add Echo effect and that helps a teeny bit.  I record and re-record and use my bestest, deepest, big person voice I can find (actually, when I say Munchkin, I don’t mean that I have one of those sweet, little-girl voices, I mean Oz Munchkin) and do a run-through without a hitch.  Then I listen and while I sound a little better, the deep breather in the background does too.

I forgot the drip coffepot was on.

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