LITERATURE: How to Start a New Year

My end-of-year habit to clean things up, get things done, tie up loose ends, put the lid on, etc., has made for a very promising first week of the new year.  I should be getting in about fifty to sixty books.  (Lord only knows where I’ll fit them in the new bookcases.)

Well see the thing is, is that in ordering some books off my list of "to buy" I came across others at such a wonderful deal that I added them in.  Then I hopped from Amazon to Barnes and Noble and then spent a day at Powell’s and I’d always add a couple more in from my list.  Now it bothers me tremendously that I’ll just have a half-dozen or less on my "to buy" list, when I should in fact clean it down to zero.

Then start a new one, of course.

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5 Responses to LITERATURE: How to Start a New Year

  1. Phil Renaud says:

    I think I might start the year off with Proust, actually. Frightening as that seems.

  2. bloglily says:

    Proust awaits me too. I’m thinking more like April though. First, I’ve got Ulysses on my lap, and I’m enjoying it thus far. I read it in college, in a haze, and am so happy to find I’m not quite so hazy any longer. Happy New Year to you — I can’t wait to hear about that huge bunch of books you’ve got coming in! Lucky, lucky you.

  3. LorriM says:

    I have a list of books to read, several non-fiction, several fiction, some spiritual, etc.

    My list is always full, and has more than enough to fulfill me for more than one year. And, that is now, not including what I purchase down the road.

  4. susan says:

    ohmigosh–I forgot Proust!

    It sounds like everyone is gearing up for a good reading year. I know I feel that if the winter snows every start here, I’m all set to settle in.

  5. creechman says:


    Did anyone read that book all the way through?

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