Wish I could show you the "timeline" of Recycling; with the frames squished together, you can see the bulge of a round form in the edge of each frame.  The theme then, is a circle, which affirms nicely the premise of the poem.  I noticed this early in the selection of visuals (Mars, Earth) to match the words, then consciously sought the form to fit in some of the other verses.

But did I do this subconsciously when I wrote the poem?  I don’t know.  I know I didn’t do it consciously, but some of these things surprise me in my writing and that’s one of the greatest highs for a writer.  I wonder if an accomplished artist finds this same thing happening; when he doesn’t know what’s going to come out on the canvas, doesn’t know where the "story" is leading him.

I do know this:  Jesus came out a lot sexier and meaner-looking than I’d planned.

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