NEW MEDIA, WRITING & REALITY?: Yeah, all three.

Well, one presentation out of two worked last night at the writers meeting.  I’d done another dry-run check through of the Clockwork Orange show of parts of the film as compared to an audio/text excerpt from the book, but the movie wouldn’t come up in any of the players at the meeting.  To top things off, I was discombobulated by the appearance of my screen which was changed in resolution so that things weren’t always visible, and never where I’m used to them being.  Time was getting short so we abandoned the effort.

Back home it took just a minute to get my video display back in shape and later today I’ll check the Media Player problem and make myself remember how to fix it just for future knowledge.  This morning my home computer crashed with a flourish and that took just a short while to check all plugs and do a little dance to revive it.  Then the cable went out.  This too took some patience and magic mumblings and a bit more time but that’s fixed too.  Now I just have the printer to contend with.

There’s been a lack of interest in the membership of the writers group lately, though I’m surprised and happy to say that it’s been in existence for three years now.  I thought maybe we’d just run out of words, but the inclusion of audio/visual into the story space didn’t pull back any more interest. 

Maybe everything just needs to run its course and the group as an entity has reached the yellow ribbon.  Even I’m often tempted to just hang out in Textland, but the fooling around in other areas has me hooked enough to keep exploring.  Writing has traditionally been a solitary experience, and multimedia makes it a team effort (though you can do it alone, the expertise of each area is what will produce the best result), I can’t help but yearn for the eras of small writing communities of friends that fed and fed off of each others’ ideas to produce such astonishing experiments in just the pen and paper method of story alone.

Time moves on though, and so must I.  Even as the horizon draws near, I hurry.

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