LITERATURE: Me and the UPS Man

Well of course the mail service is suspended today in honor of President Gerald Ford, but the faithful UPS man delivereth.

Since I’m too embarrassed to post on what I’ve recently ordered I’m just sort of sneaking them at the end of the "Books on the Shelf" list in the right sidebar as they come in.  Powell’s shipped USPS, but the Barnes & Noble came in today.  Why am I embarrassed?  Well for a couple of reasons.  For one thing, the huge number (fifty? sixty?).  For another, the fact that my new bookshelves won’t hold ’em all.  Unless I start stacking them on their sides, which won’t look quite as neat.  I could also take out all the lit journals and the how to write books (though most of them are still on the old shelves in the bedroom). 

Or buy more bookcases.

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  1. Anne says:

    Or make your own bookcases and develop yet another creative outlet. After all, who’s to say HOW they should be designed, decorated, painted, etc. Transfer some of the beauty in your head to the wood. Poems or treasured quotes in the wood? Why not? Doodles or swirls? Sure! Spindle and spin toots.

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