TECHNOLOGY: Windows Media Player

Finally!  I’ve finally been able to sort of fix a problem running DVD’s on the computer. 

Over two months ago, in the middle of a presentation on Clockwork Orange for our now defunct writers group, the movie DVD quit working.  Got the audio fine, just a big black box for the video however.  All my work on setting this up and even a quick run-through that day had it working perfectly–until the presentation evening.

What may have happened in all the hoopla was an update to the latest version of Media Player 11, and its inherent problem with running certain files that the codecs weren’t disencoding.  A simple workaround offered by the Win KB didn’t work at the time, and I’ve been hunting for a solution since, downloading different possible fixes unsuccessfully.

When my nephew and his wife came over the weekend to show their wedding DVD, I even installed a new DVD player in the home computer.  Unfortunately, the same thing happened.  But he did mention that it hadn’t worked on certain other computers so I’ve spent most of the time this weekend sorting through info and returned to the original workaround suggested.  This time it worked, and while I missed seeing their video, I finally have Clockwork Orange working properly again.

Why, oh why, when they upgrade something in Windows does that have to mean it doesnt’ work right anymore?

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