NEW MEDIA: Interactive Visuals

Thanks to J-Walk for this one:  Caveman’s Crib.  It’s an interactive piece based on the insurance caveman of television commercial fame.

You may remember my obsession with Facade last year.  In that particular project, the reader/player visits the apartment of a couple having marital problems.  There are many choices to make, items to pick up, questions being asked of the two via a typed in text and being answered audibly according to coded preset programming that still allowed for a variety of responses and eventual outcome of the scenario.

In Caveman’s Crib, the graphics are realistic (versus Facade’s cartoonish representation) including the actor who plays the caveman and a photographic rendition of an apartment of four rooms, all of which are accessible.  Books can be opened and read, various mediums such as a TV, telephone, computer, can be turned on and used to a certain degree.  There is a particularly fascinating display of sticky-notes on which words are printed in Spanish.  When the cursor comes on them, the English translation is shown, but the more fascinating thing is that the words can all be moved around and played with to form new sentences.

I love it.  I loved playing with it.  I also am fascinated by the methods used to put something like this together, and oh yeah…

…I want to learn how to put something like this together.

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