NEW MEDIA: Logic & Rerouting

Okay, so this project is likely going to be a running theme here, so if you’re not into it, just avoid the NEW MEDIA postings.

Solved one of the previous problems of the way Premiere didn’t work within the program according to the tutorial.  For some mysterious reason the project called up under "Lesson 1" wasn’t the right one, and thus files were missing and it didn’t do what it was supposed to do.

Something exciting here though; the screen brings with it the discomfort of suddenly finding oneself in a strange environment.  Left alone long enough, one tends to start looking around, opening drawers and closets

But new things are coming up to think about.  I’m not sure yet if hyperlinking ability is available in Premiere (didn’t think it was in Powerpoint at the time I used it for a project once but it was), and that means several options are open and new directions for the piece I’m working on.  I could avoid Premiere and do it in Flash where the hyperlinking ability is available, or…

…I could decide to make the piece authorly and screw the interactive idea.  The author lives!  Seriously, I can see the piece as managed by the sequencing between the stories, transitions being a big part of the moves between the four stories. It’s mighty tempting.  Mainly because it’s challenging.

But, hypertext is what I’m trying to learn, to break the code that transforms a static story into an open-ended experience for the reader, and that’s a challenge for me too.

Then again, being a control freak, wouldn’t the biggest challenge of all be to manipulate readers into believing they’re in control?

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