NEW MEDIA: Workspace

Been checking out a number of free CAD programs for use as a layout to map out interweaving plots–in other words, hyperfiction. 

What the CAD software offers is a large work area thats maneuverable to allow for managing the plot points or portions of each story and spot the obvious areas that tie them in together.  I had suspected that the CAD layout would possibly be a good workspace.  As my husband pointed out, any program I used would be subject to others having to have the same program in order to view it.  But there may be  ways around that; many can be converted to PDF files.  As a matter of fact, a blueprint of a kitchen remodeling job my friend, Nancy, is having done and sent me as an e-mail attachment revealed a program that can convert most files.  It also showed me that the work area was great for everything I wanted to do as far as moving around within a large space. 

Some of the programs have a black background–not too good an idea for mostly text.  Some of the programs didn’t allow large sections of text to be placed within a box and moved around.  But I do think that trial and error here may eventually produce what I’m looking for.  The research at this point is taking my mind off other things and I do like the problem-solving part of a project.

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2 Responses to NEW MEDIA: Workspace

  1. Creechman says:

    I never thought about that method of crafting plot inter-relationships. Good idea.

  2. susan says:

    It would work well if I could find the right program…

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