REALITY?: Use It or Lose It

Money and campus rights were the topics of mind today.

So January and now February I spend running around spending health care money from the flex-spending account because even though it’s our money, if we don’t use it by March 15th–a deadline extended only to dental and vision care–we’ll forfeit the balance.

Only in this country, only in this time, only in this society of free-thinking intellectuals could we "save" by putting pre-tax dollars into a special fund set aside for health care, and then lose it if we don’t use it.  I’d like to know who gets to keep all the dollars that are forfeit?

So I went for new glasses this morning and spent–no, saved–money.  And my eye examination showed little change and no problems since my last exam about six years ago.  This time I wouldn’t let anyone talk me into the stylish skinny ovals that make anyone over forty look like a granny.  Or at least that’s what I’ve been blaming.  I even tried on men’s glasses to get a decent size lens but the men are allowed a choice of those skinny ovals that make them look like whatever, or the macho rectangle shape.  But I found what I wanted. The new ones are large, slightly hexagonal and I love them.

Then I hung a right and a left into the old alma mater to check out the lit journals again in the library.  The building expansions are a marvel to see.  The lack of parking is worse.  Up and down rows, behind and in back of–not a one free space to be found.  Even those spaces that no one else wants–half up on a snow bank–were taken by other, more desperate student-owned four-wheelers.  And since I’m no longer a student, or anybody at all on campus, there were no spaces left for me.

So I left.  Guess I’ll have to just use my own judgment on this last submission.  That, or wait until autumn again.

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