I am so full of repressed anger that I can’t even sputter for fear of exploding. 

Within an hour of filling the birdfeeders with the mid-range priced seed, I see four squirrels dumping out the feeders to get the choice sunflower seeds.  The feeders are just about empty and all the seeds are on the ground, in the snow. 

I have named the squirrels.  One is Andrea.  The other three are attorneys. 

Why can’t I channel this outrage, this rage into my writing?

Instead, I’m sure that in a very short time, I shall explode into a million pieces and though many will be touched by a flake of me, none will remember or care.

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2 Responses to WRITING & REALITY?: Emotion

  1. Pete says:

    I suggest you use safflower. Squirrels hate it, but birds still love it.

  2. susan says:

    Thanks, Pete, I’ll try that.

    Any suggestions on how to upset the greedy lawyers?

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