LITERATURE: Glimmer Train #55 – Finale

Well I read The Open Door; I wish that anyone who’s read this and liked it will be kind enough to comment here.  The voice was terrific in the old storytelling way.  And supposedly we’re left wondering about the open door and a couple of things missing from the cabin.  But de Looze goes way back into the death of the man’s wife, the spreading of her ashes on the lake, throws in a couple of interesting local characters, goes on about fishing vs. hunting, and ends the story in a way that appears to be an attempt at being mystical.  So much for that.

For me, the stars of this issue were All of Me (Krouse), Footsteps(Chen), Sightseeing (Lapcharoensap),  and The Last Time I Saw Him (Wallace) for elements of story, character, imagery–and most importantly, new technique.

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