LITERATURE: Glimmer Train #55 – Human Nature

All of Me, by Erika Krouse is a story about change, physical, mental and emotional.  A man is recuperating from a heart transplant operation.  A knock on his door one door bring with it a young woman who claims that the heart he has been given is that of her past lover.  The girl is everything the man is not; quirky, emotional, eccentric, open, loving.  She moves in with him, insisting that she has that right, and while it takes them a while, they become lovers.

The man is changed–one of those all important elements of story–but by what?  Is it truly the heart that lays out who we are, or is it a case o having been so close to the possibility of death.  The latter is certainly a common experience; the survivor gets a new lease on life and immediately mends his ways.  There is one thing that the man makes a decision on–the changes in personality (for the better) he accepts and is glad about–and that is to discontinue taking his medication that prevents rejection of the heart.  He feels that though the risk is there, he prefers to live without the sickness the meds bring with them.  What he feels also, is that the girl loves him, no longer with him for the old love’s heart, but for himself.

Very nicely written, very relative, very interesting story here.

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