LITERATURE: More Adventures

In buying.  The Farmington Library is having a book sales starting tonight. I’ve never been to this one so I’m not sure if I’ll spring for the three-dollar admission fee for early browsing tonight or wait till tomorrow morning.  Most likely I’ll wait and prepare a list so that I don’t end up double-buying the ones that I want  (I’ve even bought two copies of the same book at a single sale).  Now that I have my lists in alphabetical order by author, it’s an easy deal to copy and paste and print out so that I know what I already have just as well as what I’m seeking.  For a while there, all the titles were familiar enough so that while I knew if I’d read them or not, I didn’t know if I’d already managed to pick them up. 

Ah, Spring, and library book sales, and the growing need for more bookshelves (and likely, a long life).

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