REALITY?: Changes Blowin’ in the Wind

Unusual–garage philosophy in the middle of the day.  But it is cold and oh-so windy that I am sure that you can hear it too.  Though you may not feel it as I do; it blows right through me.

Once long ago my plan was this: to stay thin through my fifties, then put on pounds to fill out all the wrinkles in the skin.  And this:  to rob a bank and go to prison rather than a home for the elderly.  And if I got away…well then I could afford home health care I suppose.

But this I hadn’t thought of:  the wind that blows right through me.  Funny, when the fear no longer is of being blown away, but of being unmoved by changes of the wind.  No one told me, I never saw, never knew it was a part of growing older.  I have less substance than I had before.  And I would guess then, that few can see me anymore. 

And that is likely why I never saw it coming; never saw it in my father’s eyes.

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