REALITY?: Acts of Kindness

041407rRough day for Susie Psychologist; weaving words like armor to avoid the wounds of words.  E-mail confrontations over stuff that’s really only stuff yet sentimental means it means much more.  The ring is gone, I tell her, I told you that; she took it long ago.  I pray she drops the topic, subtly focusing on other things because if this one blows it can blow her very heart away.  Things I cannot tell her, things that hurt me once just knowing how badly it would hurt her if she knew.  Finally it’s smoldered down to ashes.  I’ve taken a bit of blame but she will never know how close she came to devastation.

And then a man walks in the shop and presents me with a dozen coral roses.  Thanks for the framing, he says.

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2 Responses to REALITY?: Acts of Kindness

  1. Creechman says:

    “coral” great word, great color, also the sliding simile to “choral.”

  2. I know the feeling of those conversations one dare not have. . .

    What lovely roses.

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