REALITY?: Quietude

Thanks to all of you who’ve e-mailed or asked about my lack of blogging–or reading or writing.  I should be back on  track sometime this week.

As most of you know, I’ve been having some legal problems with my sister (fiduciary) over my Dad’s estate, and the past nearly three years have been an emotional downer.  Well, this past Monday the latest news hit me like a kick in the stomach and I just haven’t been able to do much beside try to find a peaceful place in one corner of my mind, while trying to unravel some fancy accounting and near-fraudulent (I’m being nice) practices done on the estate to prepare for another court hearing. Easter was always a big holiday in our family, so this mess coming at this time made it especially heartbreaking.

It’s been a nightmare–literally; Jim had to wake me up from a horrid dream Tuesday night because I was whimpering.  I don’t see dreams as a portent, but I do see where the scenario came from out of my worries. With any luck, it’s all come to a head and with the work I have to do on highlighting evidence and with the hope and trust in the attorneys to finally do their job, it may finally end.

I’ve tried not to post any more about my personal problems here but felt I owed the regulars a bit of explanation in answer to the show of caring I received.  Thank you.  I’ll be back to my daily habits of three to five postings a day very soon!

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5 Responses to REALITY?: Quietude

  1. Muddy says:

    My condolences on your loss, whenever it was. (I stumbled in looking for images of flowering quince, by the way.)

    Ain’t it funny how loved ones can turn into vultures when there’s a death in the family? We’ve been there, done that got the tee-shirt… and nothing else. My father’s former “baby sister” finagled it so her drunkard son got it all when my grandmother died. The lawyer our side had was, in my opinion, worse than none at all. I wonder how much she paid him?

    As for your case, lots of luck.

  2. susan says:

    Thanks. I’ve heard more horror stories since I’ve been through this, though you never think your own family will be like that. And this is not a lot of money we’re talking about; just a house that the fiduciary wants for herself and is spending any potential income from a sale by renovating. But I guess it don’t take much.

    I’m in complete agreement with you; I’m on a second lawyer and my sister has done beautifully by only using the estate attorney–which I guess I’m paying for!

  3. Josh says:

    I know just how you’re feeling Susan. My dad and I have been going through a similar situation with a first cousin of mine for the last four years(!) now.

    Whoever said blood is thicker than water must not have had much of a family.

  4. susan says:

    Four years?!?! This has been a sad cloud over my head for three years and has lost my sister to me. It was hard enough to lose my dad; this is almost worse because it’s someone who’s left you, cut you off from them, by choice.

  5. Josh says:

    Pretty much. My Dad has lost his sister to this situation because this cousin is his niece–and last I heard said niece was able to subscribe the support of her brother and other sister (both of whom are really nice people). My grandparents would be very sad to see what they held together for thirty-some years all smashed so quickly.

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