WRITING: Versus Talking

Just got home from a job interview and analyzing the scenario. 

Despite my love of jeans and flannel shirts, I dressed in black slacks, cream jersey, 100% Scottish wool herringbone jacket, brandy-new shoes, and had colored my hair to blend some of the grey.  I looked smashing.  Or at least the best I’ve looked in a while.

The typing test was completed with shaking fingers and the filing test was a case of fumbling folders.  It’s been a while since I went out on a job interview.  But this wasn’t the worst…

In a roundtable interview with five members of the search committee, I babbled relentlessly.  This is why I write.  Any attempts at humor fell flat.  There were a few friendly faces, and needy sprite that I am, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards them. 

Honest, I’m so much better online.

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