REALITY?: For Ladies Only

A word of warning to the wise: After a certain age, a can of men’s shaving cream left conveniently in the shower will blow up.

Age being relevant to both the can and the lady, that is.  I’m not sure exactly when it happened, sometime in the past year I think, but legs don’t need to be shaved every day when we reach a certain age.  Therefore, the shaving cream lasts a lot longer and in the shower, the can will get rusty (I’ve watched them rust and worried about it for years but it evidently was used up too quickly to be a danger) and explode through the little pinholes of rust.  Not a huge explosion; rather, a pretty cloud of fluffy shaving cream descending down three shower shelves.

While this change in shaving requirements may occur in the mid to late fifties, it may also occur earlier.  Realized this by noting that I’ve been shaving automatically without knowing if I needed to or not simply because–also at a certain age–my eyes became bifocular and therefore I couldn’t see my legs without my glasses on which, of course, I do not normally wear in the shower.

So there you go.

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4 Responses to REALITY?: For Ladies Only

  1. Abi says:

    I’ve never considered the effects presbyopia might have on shaving. I’m blind without eye-wear, so I end up shaving by touch. It is not a foolproof method.

  2. Emma says:

    maybe you should use shaving gel instead!

  3. susan says:

    It’s funny that things we do automatically by routine are suddenly affected by age and of course, we’re not aware of those changes until we look ourselves closely in the mirror.

    It’s a shock to the mental system. And yes, I believe a nice harmless gel is going on my shopping list.

  4. Loretta says:

    Verrrry interesting – I can totally relate, but my own lack of hair is more than made up for by 3 teenagers. Who, the girls anyway, will not use Dad’s shaving cream in a can for their legs. Oh no, it must be the expensivo stuff in a tube for ladies….

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