WRITING & REALITY?: Defining Moments

Interesting notion, the defining moment, that flicker of time that changes everything in life and in a fictional story just as well.

I’m working in the frameshop and the fire siren goes off just a mile or so from me uptown.  Its continued wailing and a quick glance at my watch tell me it’s not the noon whistle.  There is a fire, or an accident somewhere happening within the borders of my town. And someone’s life has changed.

It reminds me of another Saturday a few years back, coming out of the shower to answer an unrelenting ringing of the phone.  Being told I’m needed to do CPR. Racing next door to try to help a neighbor.  And as I cross the lawns I’m very much aware of the siren wailing out its announcement of a change.

There’s only so much planning you can put into writing; sometimes the alarm goes off all by itself.

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