WRITING & REALITY?: Intrigue, Plot

So now I’m unraveling real mystery: how you hook up one house with 600 ft. of sewer pipe for $45,000 on a one-acre lot (200 x 200 approximate).  I knew the minute I saw the estimate that unless the pipe ran in circles, it included charges that rightfully belonged to another party.

The question of ethics and how far people will go to get what they want–typical story fare.  Research will uncover the misdeeds, proof must be gathered.  Kickbacks, deals, shady agreements.  It’s all here in my face boldly presented by overconfidence and greed.  Good people getting goosed by good people doing bad things.  What motivates?  What are the expected reactions of the characters?  What are the unexpected? 

So Susie turns into Nancy Drew for the day. 

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