NEW MEDIA: Movie Memoirs

This evening I was pleased to attend the premiere showing of Ruth and Bob, A Love Story, a 40-minute film put together by a couple of friends relating the story of a couple who met during WWII, married and are still  happily healthy and together. John did the arrangement of sound and video and editing what Maggie had gathered together in photos and in personal interviews of the couple–who happen to be her parents.  What started as an idea to capture on film the background for the family to enjoy became that and more.

Maggie did a brilliant job of telling the story of her parents’ love story through her indepth interview sessions, bringing out an honest and loving, often humorous recollection of memories from her mom and dad.  It’s such a kick to hear your parents tell about their first boyfriends and girlfriends, it just shows a side of them, a part of their lives that makes them the folks you know. The stories are told with the fondness, longing, and love obvious in their voices, adding emotion to the images that John handled beautifully with sequencing and enhancing with effects that emphasized the intensity of love, war, marriage and babies.  Maggie and her sister Ruthie were adorable as the children, and even General Patton made a cameo appearance. Kleenex dispensers were handy for the viewers and the big K was given its due in the film credits.

I wish, I really wish I could have had the foresight to record those Monday lunches with my Dad when he told how he was one of the first workers to figure out the sponge rubber formula for the company that eventually became part of B.F. Goodrich.  How I’d love to hear my Mom tell me again about how hard her mother pushed her towards my Dad, seeing in him what my Mom hadn’t seen as easily.  About her brothers’ band, and how she painted the nude silhouettes on my Uncle Cappy’s drums. 

It’s a credit to Maggie and John to have shown the respect and appreciation of Ruth and Bob, and the story that made a loving family.  A beautiful family history packaged and saved for generations to come.  Great job, guys!

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