REALITY?: Natural Humor

Maybe not completely natural, since I had a hand in molding nature and when man gets involved, we invariably mess the natural outcomes, but this was just too funny…

My little male hummingbird usually buzzes me, hits the feeder in the flowerbox by the kitchen window, then zips over to the snowball bush by the seed-feeder to keep an eye on intruders who may dare to visit the flowerbox.  I watched as he followed this routine, then realized the poor thing hovered in the bush where he usually goes but couldn’t settle on it–I’d cut off some of the branches, including "his" in my trimming this afternoon. 

I feel badly, but it had to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen–he hovered in the space for about 30 seconds in confusion until he must have realized I was laughing at him and he took off.

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