BLOGGING: Of Painted Wings and Giant Rings

(God, I love that; I love coming up with a phrase from the past, going with the flow of the writing, remembering to check on the phrase via Google, and finding I remembered it well.  Almost as big a kick as calling upon Spellcheck after a long-winded diatribe and finding no errors.  No real ones anyway; the ones Spellcheck squiggles with green lines are only because Spellcheck’s not as cool as I am.)  Post title from lyrics, Puff The Magic Dragon.

Just a bunch of links that caught my attention this morning and since I have nothing to add but wanted to share them:

From Mark Bernstein, some coverage and thought on blogging and writing and does it help or hinder the so-called expert.

From Mark’s site I wandered a bit (yay! hyperlinks!) to this terrific piece he’s offered on Writing the Living Web.  A small comment here, since Augustine’s Confessions have brought out the Catholic guilt: I have gravely sinned against Tips #5, #6, #7, and most heinously against Tip #3.

At Steve Ersinghaus’ playground of thought, we get some ideas of hands-on iPhone-ing and a confession of reading not being merely enjoyable, but hard work.  His references to Tinderbox and Storyspace, of course, go back to their inventor, Mark Bernstein mentioned above.  Good grief–is the internet shrinking so that we’re already stumbling over each other, just as the airplane made the world smaller?  (This, by the way, is a matter of half empty/half full since the easy travel also expanded one’s world by its access.)

And then on to Scott’s Conversational Reading, where he voices a neat little two-word review of The Salon’s take on Oprah, and in particular, what started this train of thought, her blessing on Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, a self-help book that promotes the positive thinking will get you anything myth.

Good reading stuff.   

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  1. Now I’m humming Puff the Magic Dragon. Cool. I think. 😉 I didn’t know the lyrics nearly as well as you, but now I know where to find them.

    Don’t get me started on The Secret. I think people would be happier if we all learned to live with less stuff, used the old stuff until it wore out, and made better stuff to begin with. But apparently that’s bad for the economy. What a vicious circle.

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