NEW MEDIA: The Simpsons & Religion

Religon & Ethics is a PBS show I’ve just tumbled upon (ironing=can’t compute=must do two things at once so as not to waste time [I even use my left hand to open jars and drawers and do things while my right hand is brushing my teeth or doing something else; same with refrigerator with the left/faucet and sink stuff with the right]=whatever’s watchable on TV as I’m ironing.

The show today was about a could things of interest.  First, the incarceration of innocent people and I missed most of that.  But the second portion of the show pointed out the amount of religion and spirituality that is written into The Simpsons. Fascinating analysis that will encourage me to look even deeper next time I watch an episode.  This was something I sure missed:  The characters of the show all have four fingers; if God is making a special guest appearance, He has five.  According to the narrator of the program, this was written in by the creators as a little spoof that God is part of reality, but the Simpsons are not.

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