REALITY?: Friday the 13th

It’s always been my lucky day–what, maybe once or twice a year anyhow.  So I saw a doe as I was driving uptown this morning and she stopped by the side of the road and waited until I went by.  That’s lucky.

Then at CVS I picked up a prescription and was rewarded with those $10 free bucks (given after 5 scrips filled) and on the way out found tee-shirts 4/$10.00.  Picked out four for Jim, went up to the register and the girl rang them up for $7.50.  I pointed out the error and she said that no, two of them rang up at $1.25 each.  So I ran back and picked up two more for me and ended up paying $1.25 for 6 tees.

Superstition doesn’t end at picking lucky dates, of course; things have to happen in groups of three.  A phone call completed the charm.

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