School bells ring and children sing
It’s back to Robert Hall again.
Mother knows for better clothes
It’s back to Robert Hall again. 
You’ll save more on clothes for school,
Shop at Robert Hall!

Well in my neck of the woods, Robert Hall IS school; the Tunxis Community Collage campus was made up of a small shopping mall anchored by a Robert Hall store.  Of course it was like that for years; I finally go to college after forty years and choose Tunxis; it takes me five years to get the degree; the college waits a year to make sure I’m not coming back and promptly rebuilds it into a mega-modern facility that would make anyone proud to attend.

But then, that’s what happened to both my elementary school and my high school within a couple years after I’d graduated.  St. Michael’s was completely renovated and the high school was built brandy-new.

And of course every guy I ever split with immediately bought a new car.

But every place I ever worked either blew up or went under.

So maybe that’s why…

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