LITERATURE: Confessions – Augustine and Faith

You alone are always present even to those who have taken themselves far from you.  Let them turn and seek you, for you have not abandoned your creation as they have deserted their Creator [Wisd.5:7].  Let them turn, and at once you are there in their heart–in the heart of those who make confession to you and throw themselves upon you and weep on your breast after travelling many rough paths.  And you gently wipe away their tears [Rev. 7:17; 21:4], and they weep yet more and rejoice through their tears.  (V.1)

Even as Augustine admits to God how his youth was spent in material things rather than in knowing God, he has a tolerance of those–and here I think he includes most of mankind–who stray, whether through ignorance or through purpose.  Augustine’s attitude seems to be "this is what I did, I know better now, I strive to improve."

One thing about watching Big Brother 8 (yes, I’m hooked; especially on Evil Dick) is that two of the members of the house are seemingly very religious and talk to God in prayer–something that the camera is thrilled to pick up and reveal.  While I might question their purpose in taking part in this reality series if i weren’t so intent on believing that people perceive things differently, I would be interested in understanding their views on why God should help them win.  Particularly since they both are praying for this and only one of them could win. I’ve also noted that if they happen to lose a competition they blame themselves for screwing up somewhere, but if they win something, it’s not their skill but rather God’s grace.

Big Brother has the power to change lives; so too, God. In this age, here are folk looking both to Big Brother and God to give them material things.  This, as I’m reading about Augustine, who found that material things were nothing compared to the power of his God, even as he praised Him for offering them to man.

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