LITERATURE: Cross Reference

In this point of Confessions Augustine explains the laws of God as being universal, and that while circumstance of time may change rules, what is good for man is basic for all, and comes directly from the love of God.  This brought to mind a reading of Ethics, Theory and Practice and a point made about this same idea.

Confessions obviously is a book written with a stong belief in God.  Meanwhile, I am also reading Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita and this touches heavily on religion, belief, and man’s law.

In reading over the past year, I’ve tried to have at least two books going actively (others, pick up and read randomly) and been lucky to see the relation between them.  In classroom work a few years ago I wondered how you could possibly compare and contrast two completely different works, and yet now I am beginning to see how they do indeed enhance each other–as well as being influenced by past books–simply because if they involve mankind whether as an individual or as a whole, there is that one thing that will always correlate the different events and circumstances: human nature.

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