REALITY?: Civil Disrespect

With my experience of the last three years and the resulting newly established wariness of the justice system, I’d wandered onto a website that brings to light many of the worst case scenarios and frivolities that abound.  Overlawyered  has this item on suing the city for damages when a porch collapses on a multi-family house that causes the death of 13 people and injuring 50 more. 

Why sue the city?  Because it has more money than the 17 million availble from the homeowner’s insurance.  The worst part?  I mean beyond the greed?  The fact that one judge fell for it. 

That’s both the blessing and the curse of any judicial system.  Though you’d think it’d be cut and dry, there’s always the fact that it still comes down to interpretation, and my favorite, perception.

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